Žuljana – situated in a cove of the same name, is one of the most attractive places in the south side of peninsula Pelješac.
Distance to Žuljana: app. 500 km from Zagreb, app. 80 km from Dubrovnik, app. 100 km from airport Ćilipi and about  45 km from Korčula.
Population: app. 200 inhabitants
Infrastructure: Restaurants and Caffebars, Post-office, Nightbar and Disco, Shops, Scuba-diving centar. Larger places on the peninsula Pelješac are Ston, in the east part (27 km from Žuljane) and Orebić in the west part of the peninsula. Peninsula Pelješac is especially known for its quality wines. The inhabitants of the peninsula live of wine-growing, fishing, olive-growing and seashell-growing. When growing sea-shells these are mostly mussels and oysters that make the very famous specialties of the traditional mediteranium cooking.The cove of Žuljana  with its pebble beach is one of the largest pebble beaches in the Adriatic. The cove of Vučine is especially favourite to those who like sports fishing. We especially recommend Žuljana to those who like a peaceful family vacation.
How to get to Žuljana: From Ston: 24 km on the main road from Ston to Trstenik to the village of Dubrava where you turn left and drive another  5 km to the cove of Žuljana. From the shipport Trpanj: 35 km on the main road Trpanj  to Ston to the village of Popova luka where the road separates for Žuljana.
Climate: The whole coastal area of the southern part of Croatia has a gentle mediteranium climate. Summers are sunny, warm and dry with very little rain. Air temperature  from may to september is around 25-30 °C, and during the summer months the temperature goes over 30°C. With about 2600 sunny hours during the whole year, the coast of Croatia is one of the sunniest regions in Europe.
The sea temperature in summer months goes around 24-27 °C.